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Experiencing Food from the Lens of One Black Foodie

By Norma Stanley | November 2022

I admit it, I am an unabashed foodie! I love to not only eat all different types of food from various cultures from around the world, I also love trying my hand at preparing some of those dishes. According to current definitions like Wikipedia, a foodie is a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food, and who eats food not only out of hunger but also as a hobby…a person who enjoys food for pleasure. They are also referred to as gourmets or gastronomes.

Facebook has many pages dedicated to foodies and Celebrity Boss caught up on one foodie whose posts caught the editor’s eye. Wendy Osborne is a foodie and single mom who we found on the Black Foodies Group page on Facebook, who posts delicious meals she had prepared for herself and her son, always beautifully plated in a beautifully decorated room in her house.

Osborne admits she doesn’t know where her palette came from, because she grew up poor and wasn’t really exposed to the types of foods she enjoys eating now, but her mother was a marvelous cook, which sparked her interest in cooking.

“I’ve always loved to cook, and have been cooking seriously for about 15 years preparing a variety of foods, but my specialty is seafood,” says Osborne, a property manager who lives in Sellersburg, IN. “However, it’s not just how great the food tastes, but also how it looks, how it’s presented and the atmosphere that is set. I also believe if you call yourself a foodie, you should enjoy all different types of cuisine, which I do, ” Osborne said.

Preparing delicious, healthy and colorful meals is also emphasized in Osborne’s dishes that she cooks for herself and her son.

“This is a conscious choice for me, as I grew up with one protein and two starches and a vegetable, but my meals now tend to have two vegetables and a protein,” says Osborne. “I’m not a fan of diets, so eating healthier is more of a lifestyle for me and color also has a lot to do with how I prepare and present my meals,” she said.

Osborne says as result of her love of cooking, her teenage son Blake, also developed an interest in it and recently graduated from a culinary program at his high school.

“I am thankful that he was never a picky eater because I recently prepared a grilled octopus that I wasn’t sure he’d like, but he did!” she shared.

As a single mother, Osborne says treating herself to elegant meals in a beautiful room is a regular part of her life and encourages everyone, especially women to do the same.

“It’s all about of appreciating who you are and believing you deserve the special treatment,” said Osborne. “I am not a fan of eating out much, because I am often disappointed, although I usually try to treat myself to a really nice restaurant at least once a month,” she continued. “After paying about $80 for a meal, I usually end up feeling I’d just wasted my money, because I could have done a better job, so mostly I just stay home and cook to treat myself to the tastefully elegant experience I want when I’m dining,” she said.